Product Guarantee


The manufacturing standards of all parts are very high and ensure the maximum degree of safety under all climatic conditions. It is necessary sometimes to manufacture parts that differ slightly in appearance from the old parts removed from a vehicle. In many cases these will be of improved, modern design and in all cases they will function as well as the parts replaced.


All goods are guaranteed for 12 months from date of purchase against defects arising from faulty material or manufacture/workmanship. This guarantee does not extend to defects caused by wear and tear, neglect or accidental damage. All goods are sold with the understanding that we cannot accept liability for consequential personal injury, damage or loss as a result of the misuse or incorrect fitment of our products.


Incorrect fitment of all parts could lead to serious damage or personal injury. Partquip highly recommends that all parts only be fitted by a qualified Automotive Technician at an accredited workshop in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

Kindly take note:

  • All parts supplied with a grease nipple must be greased prior to fitment.
  • All ball pins must be tested for free movement prior to fitment.
  • All parts supplied with bolts and nuts must be securely fastened/torqued according to the correct OEM specifications.

The manufacturer and distributor cannot be held responsible for any damage or personal injury should the above instructions not be strictly adhered to.

Please make sure that you have been supplied the correct part by comparing it to the sample taken out of the vehicle. If the part is fitted prior to checking and it is incorrect we will not be liable for any claims/credits as the part has already been fitted/damaged and cannot be used again.