Return Policy


Partquip will accept credits without question for the following reasons:

  1. We incorrectly invoiced the goods (i.e. incorrect part number invoiced)
  2. Order duplication
  3. Claims on products that have been checked by one of the Partquip Product Managers.

Please note that should you reimburse your customer on a claim before sending it to Partquip to be checked, Partquip is under no obligation to honour the claim. If the product is not found to be faulty as a direct result of a manufacture or material fault, we will be unable to honour the claim.

Should you be overstocked on certain items, you are more than welcome to send us a list so that we can do a stock rotation for you. This entails a 10% handling fee and we require an order for the amount of the rotation before the rotation credit can be passed. Please note that we can only rotate stock that can be re-sold. If a part number has been damaged or discontinued, we will not be able to accept it with the rotation. Stock rotations are only processed according to our Standard Terms and Conditions for Stock Rotations.